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Live life to the fullest by creating time and space for what matters.

Your home should be where you can relax and spend time making memories with the important people in your life.  Are you frustrated by things never being put away or not being able to find what you need?  Have you purchased containers and bins to find they did not solve your organizational challenges as you had hoped?  Do you feel like STUFF is getting in the way or doesn’t have a place?  Don’t struggle with home organization any longer.  Contact us today for creative, sustainable solutions designed to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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Organizing has been the perfect opportunity to integrate many aspects of my personal and professional experiences to help busy families and seniors move toward their goals for their homes. My first career was in nursing working in the ICU and later as a nurse practitioner working with seniors.  Task prioritization and time management skills were essential to success in this line of work.  Then I became a mother to 5 babies in 6 years.  Some of my children had health challenges and neurodiverse learning styles, which brought our family to a season of homeschooling for several years.  I know what it feels like to just want to survive the chaos of each long hour.  I learned how to adapt our home environment to fit the needs of my wonderfully unique children to promote calm and routine.  Gradually I discovered strategies to streamline our lives, making more time and space for what mattered most to our family.  Organizing is an opportunity to apply the skills from my personal and professional experiences to meet people where they are and help them feel more successful and peaceful in their homes. In my spare time, I can be found enjoying the mountains of Colorado with my family and building furniture in my home woodshop.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, House of Projects can assist you.  We offer a variety of services in a range of customizable packages to suit your unique needs.

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Feeling overwhelmed by your stuff?  Let us help you simplify- our process makes decluttering more efficient for you.  At the end of each session, we'll remove your donations and you'll enjoy immediate results!

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Organizing can help increase efficiency and productivity, reduce stress levels, make it easier to find items when you need them, and more.

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Life transitions can be stressful- even when a change is positive! We can help you prepare for your next life chapter.  We can repurpose a space for a nursery or home office, downsize before a move, or handle the disposition of a loved one’s possessions upon their passing. 

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We’ll start with a free, 30 minute consultation call over voice call or zoom.  You’ll share about your space and what you’d like to achieve.  We then discuss next steps for how House of Projects can transform your space.


Schedule your pre-paid sessions in our convenient online portal. 


Your organizer arrives with all of the tools and energy needed to make the magic happen!  We’ll work together to efficiently process items in the space- keep, donate, relocate, trash.  With decision making support from your organizer you’ll feel the process moving along with less overwhelm and fatigue.  Then the final design for your space is implemented according to your organizing style and preferences.


Your pre-loved items are whisked away and responsibly re-homed.  Your space is tidied and contained at the conclusion of each session- NO HOMEWORK for you to deal with between sessions.


"Decluttering can be tricky.  Having someone to help and cheer me on has been wonderful.  I get 70% more done working with Ann than I have trying to do it alone.  Ann’s upbeat personality helps me to keep moving forward!"

Susan H.  Lakewood

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GETTING STARTED.  It can be difficult to tackle an overwhelming organizing project alone.  Partnering with a professional who will support your declutter decision making without judgement helps you achieve your goals for your space.


UNSTUCK.  Going through your belongings or those of a loved one can bring up a lot of feelings and memories.  Your story and values are affirmed in the process of keeping treasures and finding new homes for your other items.  


CHARITABLE PARTNERSHIPS.  Keeping useful items out of landfills and connecting them with new homes where they will continue to bless others is a key benefit of working with an organizer.  You don't have to spend your time driving donations all over town.


COACHING.  Working with a professional organizer is an investment in future you.  Redefining your relationship with stuff by incorporating new insights and narratives will build confidence to maintain your space going forward.

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“People hold memories, stuff does not.”
“People over stuff, always.”
“Give the kids your story, not your stuff.”

-Jeannine Bryant, Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff
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