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House of Projects

Organizing has been the perfect opportunity to integrate many aspects of my personal and professional experiences to help busy families and seniors move toward their goals for their homes.

My first career was in nursing working in the ICU and later as a nurse practitioner working with seniors.  Task prioritization and time management skills were essential to success in this line of work. 

Then I became a mother to 5 babies in 6 years.  Some of my children had health challenges and neurodiverse learning styles, which brought our family to a season of homeschooling for several years.  I know what it feels like to just want to survive the chaos of each long hour.  I learned how to adapt our home environment to fit the needs of my wonderfully unique children to promote calm and routine.  Gradually I discovered strategies to streamline our lives, making more time and space for what mattered most to our family. 

I am a member of NAPO, the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, and NASMM.  I currently serve as the Director of Communication and Technology with the NAPO Colorado chapter and also volunteer in the ICD research and education committees.

In my spare time, I can be found enjoying the mountains of Colorado with my family and building furniture in my home woodshop.



House of Projects LLC exists to help people discover peaceful balance in their space through thoughtful decluttering and intentional organization. With a special focus on challenges encountered by older adults, neurodiverse people and life transitions we bring a creative "out of the box" approach to organization.


Abundant living with fewer possessions.

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