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  • I might have too much stuff, but it all seems important to me. Will you make me throw things away?
    In our work together my goal is to empower you in your decision making about your stuff. In each step of the process you remain 100% in control of the decisions about your belongings. An organizer can help you decide what to do with your stuff by reminding you of your goals for your space, asking thoughtful questions about your reasons for keeping or discarding items, and identifying habits or beliefs that may be keeping you from achieving your goals for your space and your belongings on your own. Your feelings and preferences will be honored without judgment throughout the process.
  • What if I only need you for a few hours?
    No problem! We can work with your schedule to design a service package to fit your needs. Our minimum session is 3 hours.
  • What makes House of Projects different from other organizing services?
    No need to wait for a handyman to finish this project! We offer assembly, install, and minor repairs and improvements related to transforming your space. Our full size van can remove lots of donations after each session for fast results!
  • Do I have to be present during the organizing process?
    For the planning and editing phases of your project, your input is a valuable part of the process. Once these steps are complete, the organizer can efficiently implement the final design.
  • I’m embarrassed about my space. Is there such a thing as too messy?
    Spaces get disorganized for a variety of reasons- situational, relational, and personal. Maybe you have been trying to use systems and strategies that just don’t work for the way your brain is wired, or for the other people living in your space. Maybe you have not had the time or energy to make decisions about your stuff- what to keep or not, and where it should go. A professional organizer is trained to assess your space AS IS and create solutions that will be sustainable for you. There is no judgment, only empathetic support.
  • Is our work together confidential?
    Yes! As a professional member of NAPO, I adhere to the code of ethics for organizers.
  • Do I have to purchase containers for my home to get organized?
    Organization is about so much more than containers! Functionality in a space can often be achieved by using what you already have. At your request, House of Projects can select and install products in your space, or we can create a list of recommended containers for you to purchase on your own within your budget.
  • Will you work with me or just coach me?
    If you would like help organizing your home, we can provide you with a professional organizer. If you would just like coaching and advice, we can provide that as well.
  • Do you offer sessions on evenings and weekends?
    Not at this time. Sessions are offered Monday- Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
  • What can an organizer do for me?
    Home organizers can help with everything from decluttering to creating and implementing a organizational plan for your home. They can also provide tips and tricks to keep your home organized long-term.
“That is the life-changing result of internalizing that you do not exist to serve your space,
your space exists to serve you.”

-K.C. Davis, How to Keep a House While Drowning: A Gentle
Approach to Cleaning and Organizing
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